Hygiene concept for the bike test tour

The safety of our participants and our employees is our top priority. In order for us to be able to carry out our test events for you, compliance with the appropriate hygiene measures on site is absolutely necessary. Therefore, please read the following points on the general procedure carefully.

The exhibition area for the bicycles at our test events is in closed rooms (e.g. in our shops, seminar or conference rooms). Advice, adjustment and bike fitting also take place here. The following rules apply to staying within these premises:

Maximum number of participants

The number of participants who are allowed to be at the test event at the same time will be limited. The decisive factor here is the room size, which limits the number of people in order to be able to maintain safety distances. We ensure compliance with these requirements when registering due to the limited capacity of the available time slots. This limitation also ensures that each participant receives personal 1:1 support. Please stick to your booked appointment. Participation in the bike test is not possible without a booked date.

keep distances

The general distance rules apply within the respective room. The minimum distance is 1.5m to other people in the room.

wear mask

Wearing a mouth and nose protective mask is mandatory within the closed rooms. We provide each participant with a mask that will be handed out at the beginning of the event. Of course, masks you have brought with you are also allowed. If you ride a bike outdoors, the mask can be removed.

process organization

Please register at our reception desk at the beginning of your booked time slot. This will be available in the respective entrance area of ​​the event location. There you will receive your mask, your test sheet and further information about the process. The bikes are then available for you to test at stations, sorted by manufacturer. A supervisor awaits you at each test station, who will give you comprehensive advice, the right bike setting and the test ride.


After the test, all bikes are thoroughly disinfected by us. Furthermore, we provide sufficient disinfectants at each test station so that you always have the opportunity for thorough cleaning/disinfection before, during and after the test.

We hope you enjoy the big triathlon.de bike test tour.