The correct sitting position on the bike is the decisive basis for optimal power transmission and pain-free riding. We will train you to become a BIKE FITTER.

More and more athletes appreciate the added value of a bike fitting for optimal adjustment to their sports equipment - from performance-oriented racing cyclists and triathletes to occasional hobby cyclists on racing bikes or gravel bikes.

Aim of a BIKE FITTING is to coordinate athletes and sports equipment in the best possible way. Therefore, a good bike fitting always takes both aspects into account:

  • Bike (bike type, geometry, adjustment options)
  • Driver (physical requirements, sporting goals, needs, concrete problems if necessary)

Holistic approach

Each bike fitting is therefore individual and is dedicated to various biomechanical and anatomical-functional aspects:

  • power transmission
  • pedaling efficiency
  • stability
  • weight distribution
  • aerodynamics
  • pain prevention
  • saddle advice
  • cleat setting

For whom is the BIKE FITTER training suitable?

  • Employees in bicycle shops as an additional qualification (bike fitting as an additional service in the shop)
  • Club trainers cycling / triathlon
  • personal trainers
  • physiotherapists
  • interested athletes

No qualifications/licenses are required for the Bike Fitter training.

In the two-day training

... you will learn the biomechanical functional principle on different types of bikes (time trial bike/racing bike/gravel bike), anatomical and physiological basics of bike adjustment as well as basic training principles.

As a BIKE FITTER you are able to

  • To offer bike fittings as a service for your customers / athletes
  • Athletes of different performance levels can be optimally adapted to their bike (racing bike / gravel / time trial bike).
  • To give size and material recommendations (saddle, seat post, stem, handlebars, etc.)
  • to carry out well-founded saddle advice (independent of the manufacturer)
  • Provide exercise and training recommendations

We offer

  • Two-day training to become a Bike Fitter
  • extensive documentation & handout
  • " BIKE FITTER" certificate
  • Material package bike fitting initial equipment (additional fee)
  • Training dates & support

Your benefits as a BIKE FITTER license 1 year free

  • Germany-wide awareness and reach of the brand ""
  • Integration as a bike fitting location on, additional marketing measures (newsletter, social media)
  • Use of the appointment booking portal for customers in your area
  • Premium purchasing conditions for bicycle parts and accessories (e.g. saddles, seat posts, stems, handlebars, handlebar parts, etc.) via the shop
  • license can be extended after 12 months


training fee

500 EUR once or 12x 50 EUR monthly

includes the 2-day trainer training and license for 12 months

Material package bike fitting initial equipment

EUR 1,500

Includes: Interactive direct drive trainer with power meter, calibration board, goniometer/protractor, line laser, pendulum plummet, torque wrench, Allen tool set, spirit level, markers, cleat templates

License extension (12 months each)

240 EUR once

License extension by 12 months

course of the training

Training day 1 (UE = teaching unit á 45 min)

  • 2 UE Anatomy I
  • 2 units Physiology I
  • 2 units of training theory I
  • 4 UE bike fitting / biomechanics of cycling

Training day 2 (PE = practical unit of 45 min)

  • 8 PE Practical Training Bike Fitting
  • final exam
  • Presentation of certificate

Questions / contact

Training manager: Stephan Schepe


Phone: (030) 89 75 23 02

Stephan is a expert for training science, biomechanics and performance diagnostics. As a trained sports scientist and experienced triathlon trainer, he not only looks after athletes of all performance classes himself, but also runs the training camps and is the training manager for the trainer training.