swim course


The swim course is a 3.8 kilometer rectangle. The swim start is on the east side of Kailua Pier, then runs straight south for 1.2 miles and returns to the pier. Athletes swim clockwise, avoiding any race buoys to the right and swimming around boats or buoys at the end of the course. The starting line is an imaginary line between a fixed point on the pier and a buoy or race marker opposite that point. The starting line is about 130 meters from the shore. After the last right turn on the course, the path to the swim goal is highlighted by yellow buoys or markers. Railway lines guide the athletes to the swim exit. Even with these race day conditions, it is strongly recommended that athletes familiarize themselves with the location and every aspect of the swim course during training.

The water temperature is expected to be between 26-27°.

bike course


position rules

  • Absolutely NO DRAFTING of another bike or vehicle is allowed.
  • Athletes must allow six bike lengths of space between bikes, except when overtaking. Otherwise it will result in a design violation.
  • An overtaking occurs when the front wheel of the overtaking athlete passes the front edge of the athlete being overtaken.
  • Overtaking athletes are allowed to overtake on the left side for up to 25 seconds, but must switch back to the right side of the road after overtaking. Failure to complete a pass within 25 seconds will result in a slipstream violation. Athletes are not allowed to leave the draft zone once it has been entered (slipstream violation). Athletes must continually come forward when passing (slipstream violation).
  • Passed athletes must continuously drop six bike lengths before attempting to regain the lead from a front wheel. Immediately re-overtaking before falling back six bike lengths will result in an overtaking violation.
  • Passed athletes who remain inside the slipstream zone (six bike lengths of space between the wheels) for more than 25 seconds or who do not continuously exit the slipstream zone will be assessed a slipstream infraction.
  • Athletes must ride in single file on the far right of the road, except when overtaking another rider or for safety reasons. Side-by-side driving is not allowed and will result in a position violation.
  • Athletes who impede the progress of other athletes will receive a blocking infraction.
  • Athletes committing rule violations will be notified “on site” by an official.
  • "No Pass Zone" athletes must ride at reduced speed and assume a static position on all Palani Road descents. This includes the descent from Queen Ka'ahumanu to Kuakini and the descent from Kuakini returning to the transition. Both descents are approximately 2 /10 mile long and includes sharp turns with an immediate left turn at the bottom of the hill. Failure to comply will serve a penalty at the nearest penalty tent; PT 1 at approximately 28 miles for breaking the rule on the way out of town or PT 4 (dated Honda dealer) for breaking the rule on the way to town.

PTs (penalty tent) will be located at about 28 miles; at the bicycle turnaround in Hawi; at about 85 miles; and about a half mile before changing from bike to run (in front of the Honda dealership).

BLUE CARD penalty times:
1st attack 5 minutes
2nd attack 5 minutes
3. Offensive DSQ

Interim bike cut-off times and locations

Cut-off times for age groups

  • Turnpoint Hawi (59.3 miles) - 2:30 p.m
  • Scenic Point Parking (93.5 miles) - 5:00 p.m
  • Bike finish – 6:10 p.m

Bike-to-Run Transition Cut-Off

  • Bike to Run transition closes at 6:25pm.

    Athletes who do not complete the bike course by the times indicated above will not be allowed to continue the race.

running track


Since the majority of athletes will be out on the course after dark, runners will need to wear reflective materials on the front and back of their shoes and clothing. ALL athletes still on the course at dusk must wear or attach at least one glow stick for the remainder of the race. The glowsticks are available at the Evening Run supply stations.

Run Cut-Off

  • Natural Energy Lab (18.5 miles) - 11:00 p.m
    Athletes who have not completed the course by the above cut-off time will not be allowed to continue the race.
  • The race officially ends 17 hours after the scheduled start time. Breaks at aid stations, crossings, etc. are included in the total elapsed time. Split times are recorded for each segment of the race.
  • There will be no penalty tents on the run. If an athlete receives a penalty while racing, the official will enforce the penalty on the spot.

Aid station wheel


Aid Station Laufen


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