Hygiene concept for neoprene test swimming

In order for us to be able to carry out our neoprene test swimming for you again, compliance with the appropriate hygiene measures is absolutely necessary. Our catalog of measures is coordinated with the respective swimming pool in advance in order to ensure the greatest possible safety for everyone involved. Of course, we also depend on your cooperation on site. Therefore, please read the following points on the general procedure carefully.

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First of all, the hygiene guidelines of the swimming pool are binding for every bather. This applies above all to the use of changing rooms, showers and sanitary facilities. Please follow the relevant signs or instructions from the staff. The following regulations apply to the actual neoprene test swim:

Maximum number of participants

The number of participants who are allowed to be in the Neotest swimming pool at the same time will be limited. The limit is coordinated with the swimming pool. Compliance with the requirements is ensured when registering due to the limited capacity of the available time slots. Please stick to the booked appointment. Participation in the Neotest is not possible without a booked appointment.

keep distances

The general distance rules also apply to the Neotest. The minimum distance of 1.5m in the hall (outside the water) is maintained by our on-site staff at all times. Please keep your distance from other participants, bathers and caregivers.

wear mask

Wearing a mouth and nose protective mask is mandatory outside of the water. The mask may only be removed for staying in the water. We provide each participant with a mask that will be handed out at the beginning of the event. Of course, masks you have brought with you are also allowed.

hand disinfection

We provide disinfectants at every event so that you always have the opportunity for thorough cleaning/disinfection before, during and after testing.

We hope you enjoy the triathlon.de neoprene test swim.