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Current information about the CUP Munich 2020

Dear participants, helpers and spectators of the 7th CUP Munich 2020 ,

These days we are turning to you with an unusual request:

Please be patient!

We would like to wait for the political decisions after Easter, coordinate with the operators of the venue, with whom we are of course already in talks, and then make a decision on the CUP Munich.

We believe that a decision around April 20th will not put our participants, volunteers, spectators and ourselves at a disadvantage compared to a decision made today. In addition, the information base is simply better until then.

The date of our triathlon is getting closer and of course we ask ourselves every day whether our race, which we organize with a lot of passion and attention to detail, can take place. The health of everyone involved is our focus.

In the second step, we actually have a difficult economic situation here. Of course, we want to treat our participants fairly, who we have been able to welcome for years. However, we are also a small company with only a few employees, who should of course continue to keep their jobs. And of course we have already invested heavily in the 7th CUP 2020. Apart from the working time for the organization, we already have most of the materials, give-aways (1500x swimming caps, 1500x finisher medals, 2000x recyclable drinking bottles, 1500x waterproof backpack (42 l), 200x t-shirts and cycling jerseys), and event equipment ordered for you, paid for and partly already delivered. This means that a large part of the entry fees paid have already been invested in salaries, rent and purchases for the CUP.

As I said, we would like to find a fair solution for everyone. Possible solutions could be:
1) The CUP will take place as planned if the overall situation allows it.
2) We offer an alternative date.
3) We offer you compensation that tries to balance the different interests.

So please be patient! We will make concrete proposals after Easter.

We still hope that after Easter decisions will be made that allow us to let the events take place. In view of the current situation, however, we are of course also aware that the probability is decreasing.

You forget pain, never give up!
Your CUP team

Photos: Michael Kuhlmann