Two days, six races: Saturday, May 20th. & Sunday, 05/21/2023

Approval CUP presents you the 9th Smile Eyes CUP Munich. On the traditional regatta course in Oberschleißheim, competitions for children, amateurs and professionals take place over two days. The 9th CUP is the symbiosis of the already traditional children's and youth triathlon of the TU Munich and the exciting CUP, which is open to both hobby athletes and professionals. The 2023 CUP is divided into a trial, popular, Olympic distance, middle distance and triple tri. For the first time we are also offering a MIDDLE DISTANCE RELAY.

You get these services for your entry fee

The entry fees (organization fees) include the statutory VAT of currently 19% and the organizer fees to the Bavarian Triathlon Association.

  • professional competition organization
  • track closure
  • Timekeeping, result service and certificate download
  • Competition and target catering
  • a high-quality silicone swimming cap
  • a start number, stickers for helmet and bike
  • finisher medal

Distances and ratings on Saturday, May 20th, 2023

Year - route - rating - entry fee

Student D (duathlon):

Distance: 0.2 - 1 - 0.2
Minimum age born: 2017
Maximum age born: 2016
Price: from 25 EUR

Student C:

Distance: 0.1 - 2.5 - 0.4
Minimum age born: 2015
Maximum age born: 2014
Price: from 25 EUR

Student B:

Distance: 0.2 - 5 - 1
Minimum age born: 2013
Maximum age born: 2012
Price: from 25 EUR

Pupil A (as part of the taster triathlon):

Distance: 0.2 - 10 - 2.5
Minimum age born: 2011
Maximum age born: 2010
Price: from 25 EUR

Youth B – (as part of the taster triathlon)

Distance: 0.2 - 10 - 2.5
Minimum age born: 2009
Maximum age born: 2008
Price: from 25 EUR

Youth A/Juniors (as part of the Volks-Triathlon):

Distance: 0.4 - 20 - 5
Minimum age born: 2007
Maximum age born: 2004
slipstream ban!!!
Price: from 40 EUR

Taster triathlon:

Distance: 0.2 -10 - 2.5
Minimum age born: 2005
Maximum age born: any
Price: from 40 EUR

People's triathlon:

Distance: 0.4 - 20 - 5
Minimum age born: 2005
Maximum age born: any
Price: from 60 EUR

People's Triathlon Relay:

Relays consist of 2 or 3 participants. The relays can also be w/m mixed. Each participant completes one of the three sections of the Volks-Triathlon alone.

Distance: 0.4 - 20 - 5
Minimum age born: 2005
Maximum age born: any
Price: from 69 EUR

Olympic distance:

Distance: 1.5 - 40 - 10
Minimum age born: 2005
Maximum age born: any
Price: from 80 euros

TRIPPLE-TRI: Olympic | People | taster

Distance: 1.5 - 40 - 10 | 0.4 - 20 - 5 | 0.2 - 10 - 2.5
Minimum age born: 2005
Maximum age born: any
Price: from 110 EUR

Distances and ratings on Sunday, May 21, 2023


Distance: 1.9 - 80 - 21
Minimum age born: 2005
Maximum age born: any
Price: from 130 euros


Relays consist of 2 or 3 participants. The relays can also be w/m mixed. Each participant completes one of the three sections of the middle-distance triathlon alone.

Distance: 1.9 - 80 - 21
Minimum age born: 2005
Maximum age born: any
Price: from 150 euros

Further information

route maps

To the provisional route plans

Time schedule

To the preliminary schedule

Registration of underage participants

When registering underage participants, the actual registration must be accompanied by a “participation permit” to be signed by the respective parent or authorized teacher/club trainer . The "Permission to Participate" can be downloaded here .

Start numbers will only be issued and participation will only take place if the organizer has received the signed "participation permit". The signed "participation permit" is presented when the start numbers are issued on the day of the competition.

Entry fees and late registration fee

There are several price scales in the individual disciplines (see "Distances and Ratings"). If there are still starting places after the registration deadline, we accept late registrations up to one hour before the start of the respective competition.

The following late registration fees apply if you register after the registration deadline:

• 5 -10 € (depending on the score) for all competitions

All fees include 19% VAT, as well as the organizer fee to BTV. License fees (daily license) are due for the Olympic distance, triple tri distance and middle distance if the athlete does not have a valid start pass.

The contract is only concluded with the online registration and the acknowledgment of the waiver, exclusion of liability and declaration of obligation as well as the general terms and conditions, insofar as receipt of payment of the participation fee is confirmed. Cancellation is only possible up to and including 30 days before the event. After this point in time, withdrawal is not possible. A processing fee of EUR 20 will be charged in the event of withdrawal or an exchange of starting places. (see terms and conditions )

minimum age

Admitted to participate in competitions of the CUP Munich, which are not part of the children's and youth triathlon, are only persons who are of legal age at the latest by the time the starting documents are collected from the competition office and the acceptance of the exemption from liability has been accepted.

club membership

Club membership is not necessary. Either a DTU start pass or a day license is required to take part in the Olympic distance.

Important information for underage participants in children's and youth triathlons

All student ratings and the youth B rating are carried out as drafting races, i.e. according to the sports regulations only racing bikes with cycling-specific handlebars are permitted, handlebar attachments must not protrude over the brake levers for students A/B/C/D are only mountain bikes or children's bikes with a tire width of at least 1.5 inches. Road bike/triathlon handlebars and handlebar attachments are prohibited.

The DTU sports regulations apply (

Coaches, parents or supervisors are not allowed to accompany the participants on the competition courses or access the transition area and will result in disqualification or time penalties if they do not do so. All participants who have checked in on the day of the competition, but still do not start, are obliged to inform the organizer or a referee. In this case, the participant bears any costs incurred by rescue workers.

translation limitation

The DTU sports regulations prescribe translation restrictions (maximum rolling length with one pedal revolution) on the bicycles of children and young people at triathlon and duathlon events. The following restrictions apply in detail:

Student CA: 5.66 m

Youth B: 6.10 m

At all youth events, the gear ratios of the bikes will be checked before and after the competition.

StVO – right-hand drive requirement – ​​overtaking requirement

The principles of the StVO apply throughout the event. In principle, the rule of law applies. In addition, overtaking is only permitted on the left.

During the competitions, it cannot be ruled out that passers-by/walkers will be on the competition routes.

Helmet obligation

A helmet is compulsory for all participants in all competitions advertised for the cycling discipline. This obligation to wear a helmet applies to both underage and adult participants. The helmet must be closed before the bicycle is picked up and must be kept closed until the bicycle is parked.

slipstream driving ban

A slipstream driving ban applies to all advertised competitions (including youth A/Juniors), except for the student and youth B triathlon.


The time is measured with a timing chip.


The CUP Munich is a dangerous outdoor triathlon event. Participation is at your own risk. The participant is therefore only entitled to participate if the waiver, exclusion of liability and declaration of obligation has been read, understood and accepted in advance. This already happens with the online registration and is documented again by the handwritten signature again at the check-in / bib number issue on site.

General Terms and Conditions and Competition Rules

The general terms and conditions of the CUP Munich are part of this announcement and are expressly accepted with the online registration.

The event is based on the competition regulations of the German Triathlon Union (sports regulations, organizer and host regulations, anti-doping code, referee regulations), as well as legal and procedural regulations and disciplinary regulations. With the registration, the participant accepts the competition regulations, as well as legal and procedural regulations, the disciplinary regulations and the conditions of the organizer according to the announcement as binding.

By ticking the box in the registration, the participant confirms that he has read, understood and accepted the General Terms and Conditions and the competition regulations of the DTU.

registration deadline

Registration deadline is April 30th, 2023. Late registrations are only possible on 19./20./21. May 2023 as part of the start number issue, as long as starting places are still available.

payment arrangements

You can find information on the payment modalities in the registration form.

Competition Panel & Arbitration Panel

The competition judges as well as the arbitration court are provided by the BTV.


The CUP Munich takes place on the Munich Olympic regatta course in Oberschleissheim. The Munich Olympic regatta course is located at the Oberschleißheim junction of the A 92. At the traffic lights, turn off in the direction of Dachau. After 300m you will see the entrance to the site on the left.

When arriving by navigation device, you can enter the following address as your destination:

“Dachauer Str. 35, 85764 Oberschleißheim”

parking spaces

There is ample parking directly adjacent to the event site.


Organizer is the GmbH
Josephspitalstr. 9
80331 Munich

Managing Director: Ralph Schick

Munich, September 6th, 2022

The event is submitted to the Bavarian Triathlon Association for approval.

General terms and conditions of the CUP

Guardian Form

Form for teachers/club trainers

Form for adult individual participants

Permission to participate for underage participants

DTU Anti-Doping Code

DTU Disciplinary Code

DTU Referee Rules

DTU Law and Procedure

DTU sports regulations

With your registration you agree to adhere to the current DTU rules, the DTU Anti Doping Code, DTU Disciplinary Code, DTU Referee Code, DTU Legal Code and Code of Procedure and DTU Sport Code.


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