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Asics Glideride - "super shoe" for long runs

The Glideride is Asics' new super shoe for long runs. Behind this is an innovative sole technology that is intended to significantly optimize the biomechanics of the foot contact and the rolling behavior. The fact is: the Glideride is not a shoe like any other and gives you a completely new feeling when walking.

Photo: Asics

The Glideride is the further development of the "Metaride" presented in February 2019. The core of the shoe was developed and tested at the Institute of Sports Science Kobe (Japan) for two years: the GUIDESOLE technology. This makes it possible to run longer and more efficiently with less energy consumption.

How does this work?

The sole construction is visually noticeable through a conspicuously curved design. The majority of all runners roll over the heel in the direction of the big toe joint. This is exactly where this technology comes into play: upon first contact with the ground, the shoe initially absorbs the impact in the heel and midfoot area. Due to the strongly curved GUIDESOLE, the first contact with the ground is already part of the rolling movement, since the transition over the midfoot into the push-off phase merges into a fluid overall movement. Only part of the sole is in contact with the ground, similar to a seesaw. You have to get used to this effect. After putting it on for the first time, the shoe initially feels unfamiliar and the footing is a little "wobbly".

"One has the impression that the shoe just wants to start running by itself."

As soon as you have taken your first steps with it, you as a runner get used to this forward urge very quickly and do not want to be without it anymore.

Photos: Asics

Biomechanically, this principle works as follows: the dynamically curved sole and the stiff forefoot increase running efficiency by reducing the movement of the ankle joint. A lower angle of flexion at the ankle means that other muscles, such as the B. the calves, are less stressed. Too much ankle movement at higher speeds means wasted energy. The center of mass of the shoe is closer to the heel. Therefore, it is easier to move the foot forward.

This rolling behavior drives the foot forward and thus ensures greater efficiency. You run longer distances with less effort and tend to be a few seconds faster due to the urge to move forward. These properties offer runners a completely new running experience.


The Glideride keeps its promise of a completely new running experience. Very impressive performance. Ideally suited for longer runs, and also recommended for heavier runners due to the very good cushioning properties. The shoe feels most comfortable on the road and firm ground, but offers less support off-road.

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