"Virtual Neotest 2022"

We continue our "virtual neotest campaign".

The swimming pools are open again and the spring-like temperatures bring the open water season a little closer every day! But you didn't have the time or the opportunity to take part in our Neotest tour? No problem! Also this year we offer you many advantages of our "normal" neoprene test swimming until April 3rd, 2022 as part of our "virtual neotest" . You have the opportunity of top advice and get a FREE triathlon.de backpack or buoy with your purchase! So that your swimming training can really start!

In just a few steps to the right Neo

Discover the neoprene collection

You can now find a huge selection of top neoprene suits in our new online category

2XU - Sailfish - Huub - Blueseventy

The current successful models await you - from the neophyte for beginners to the top model, from the buoyancy miracle to the second skin, from occasional swimmers to the professional. Here you will find exactly the suit that suits you best.

Or you can come to a neoprene test swim near you

Which neo is the right one?

We offer you extensive information and advice on all models:

  1. Do you already know our online neoprene advice ? Here you will find a lot of information about buoyancy, flexibility, fit and much more
  2. Use our telephone advice on neoprene: +49 (0)30 - 89752303
  3. Write us an email: shop@triathlon.de

Or you can come to a neoprene test swim near you

Order a new neo: this is how it works

You order the Neo of your choice in our online shop and benefit from the many advantages and special conditions that we otherwise only offer as part of our Neotest events. The wetsuits are therefore not test suits, but new goods in the original packaging . You can of course try on the neo you have ordered when it is dry, but not try swimming if you want to return it. If you don't like the Neo, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal, as with all online orders. Wetsuits that have been swum or damaged cannot be fully refunded.

Or you can come to a neoprene test swim near you

Neotest advantages: this is included with the purchase

triathlon.de Waterproof Backpack red or buoy for FREE

Until 03.04. Not only do you get the Neo at a top price, but we also add our triathlon.de Waterproof Backpack, red, worth EUR 44.95 FREE to every neoprene purchase. Alternatively, you can also opt for the triathlon.de Swim & Safety Buoy Mesh.

How it works:

  • Order the current wetsuit of your choice
  • add the backpack or buoy to the shopping cart and enter the discount code: VNT_Rucksack

20% discount on trisuits after Neo purchase

After purchasing a Neo, you will receive a 20% discount code on selected trisuits by email!

We wish you a lot of fun!