Tester Aquaman DNA Wetsuit Women's Small

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We sell our testneos. The Testneos are the manufacturer's regular seasonal models that we used for our test swims. These suits are heavily discounted and even in very good or good condition may show slight signs of wear but no structural damage. The suits are fully operational.

From our Aquaman test suit campaign: smaller cuts on the upper arms repaired by us!

The DNA was anticipated by many triathletes who wanted to enjoy the pleasure of swimming in an Aquaman at a reasonable price.

The DNA consists of Yamamoto No. 39 with a number of technical innovations from Aquaman.

This very flexible and supple wetsuit is very popular with triathletes as it improves performance at a very reasonable price.

The collar is a new “swivel collar” that positions the front of the collar 20 degrees forward and sits 2cm lower, providing increased comfort and reducing water ingress through the collar area.

As with most Aquaman styles, the back zipper opens from the bottom up. The flash system makes it easier to open the neos when running to the transition area...fast transition times are therefore pre-programmed.

Putting on a wetsuit properly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

Manufacturer aquaman
Gender ladies
Color black
category middle class
zipper rear - opens from the bottom up
material SCS #39 Neoprene & #40 Neoprene


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