Tester Orca 3.8 Enduro Wetsuit Women 2020

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We sell our testneos. The Testneos are the manufacturer's regular seasonal models that we used for our test swims. These suits are heavily discounted and even in very good or good condition may show slight signs of wear but no structural damage. The suits are fully operational.

good condition = some repaired cuts, some slightly larger, sizes: M

The Orca 3.8 is the perfect choice for the progressive swimmer who needs extra buoyancy. This neoprene was developed with the aim of increasing the triathlete's position in the water, with the most advanced technologies on the market in terms of buoyancy, aerodome and exo-cell; without forgetting the necessary freedom of movement when swimming, with Yamamoto 40. The neoprene you need to conquer the water.

HEP Innovative

In the new 3.8 is the High Elbow Panel technology that gives more stability and helps to pull the elbows up during the stroke. After numerous biomechanical studies to improve stability, this insert has been strategically placed for support without sacrificing flexibility.


Core Lateral is a system of inserts located in the lower part of the body that prevent over-rotating to stabilize your core. With this technology, good technique can be maintained for a long time.


This sandwich-like technology provides 30% more buoyancy and places hundreds of air cavities between the neoprene layers.


Exo-cell technology extends across the entire lower front panel for maximum buoyancy. This low-density material places the legs in a horizontal and elevated position.


Despite the maximum buoyancy, the use of 1.5mm 40-cell neoprene on the shoulders gives the extra flexibility needed to protect the shoulders from overload.


The neck lining reduces the likelihood of chafing while providing a plus in comfort.


Bottom panel, Yamamoto with 39-cell SCS coating, on legs reduces friction while swimming. HydroLite panels make your transitions faster as the neoprene is easier to remove.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

Manufacturer orca
Gender ladies
Color black/orange
category middle class
zipper rear
Characteristics high buoyancy / high flexibility
material #40 Yamamoto, Yamamoto Neoprene


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