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Performance and comfort have always been paramount with Zone3 products and the Vision combines these with fantastic looks and values.

The Vision wetsuit is a very exciting product in the Zone3 range. Owner and founder, James Lock literally couldn't believe how good this suit was during the development process.
Performance and comfort have always been paramount with Zone3 products and the Vision combines these with fantastic looks and values. For this year we've taken inspiration from the top-of-the-line Vanquish and taken some of the key features that have made the suit so successful that the Vison is now the world's fastest entry-level wetsuit. If you are on a budget but still want to swim fast and save energy during your swim then this has to be the suit for you.

Re-testing 15 other wetsuits, Lava Magazine found that "The Vision is the best value for money and at half the price of many top-of-the-line suit models, the Vision offers flexibility and fit that are almost on par with the is the best of the best". While Triathlon Plus gave the suit its Gold Award with a 5/5 for performance, 5/5 for price and a 5/5 overall, the Vision is the only wetsuit to ever achieve a full score. The review noted "it's no exaggeration to say this suit blew away our swimmers and the fit was perfect".
We are happy that the latest version of the Vision just got even better!

Features are:

  1. Full Speed-FloTM coating to minimize drag and increase speed in the water. One of the only fully "coated" suits available at this price point.
  2. A new, high-stretch 2mm Free Flex shoulder panel and lining inspired by Zone3's top-of-the-line Vanquish. This unique one-piece panel design extends across the top of the chest, across each shoulder and also down each side of the chest to allow for maximum trunk extension and rotation, increasing range in the water. Ultimately, this translates into significant improvements in the distance that can be covered in each stroke, improving endurance and swimming speed.
  3. New laser-cut neck finish for a more comfortable "soft-close" fit around the neck. In combination with the great fit on the body, it is one of the most comfortable wetsuits around.
  4. 4mm buoyancy panels from hips to knees to increase core support in the water, helping to naturally become more streamlined and energy efficient on longer swims.
  5. Pro Speed ​​Cuffs ™ on the arms and legs for better visibility and quicker removal after the swim. Thanks to our unique silicone coating, the wetsuit can be taken off extremely quickly.
  6. One of the best looking suits on the market, designed with a new shimmering metallic blue back to provide better visibility and an added element of safety in the water.
  7. Fully stitched and taped for increased flexibility, durability and comfort.
  8. Women's specific patterns and sizing have been developed and optimized based on feedback over the past four years.
  9. Designed with a quality YKK downward-facing zip, making the suit easy to both slip on and off.

The Vision is an incredibly high quality suit designed to be the most comfortable entry level wetsuit on the market, and also one of the fastest and most energy efficient.

Industry prices:
Outdoor Fitness: Best on Test
Triathlon Plus: Gold Prize
Lava Magazine: 10/10 rating

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions


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