2XU Propel Pro, wetsuit, black/silver, women, 2023

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The Propel Pro Wetsuit is the ultimate wetsuit for fast swimmers. Using 45 cell neoprene, the world's most flexible neoprene, and panels that offer unparalleled buoyancy, the perfect balance of movement and buoyancy has been created. The Nano SCS coating provides an additional 4% buoyancy and better hydrodynamics, increasing speed in the water. Side roll bars, the floating zip panel and buoyancy panels increase your power in the water. Feedback from IRONMAN world champions was used in conjunction with the 2XU development team to create this wetsuit.

Material properties:

  • 39 Cell (front buoyancy panel) – The most buoyant neoprene on the market (5mm) for maximum buoyancy and optimal water positioning
  • 45 Cell (Seamless Shoulder + Sleeves) - Flexible material applied primarily to the sleeves for ultimate flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement with a thickness of 1mm
  • SCS (Super Composite Skin) Coating - Applied as a layer to the surface of the neoprene creating a unique material. The micellar structure on the rubber surface repels water when in contact with air and reduces surface resistance when in contact with water. Low drag allows for faster speed through the water. As a result, SCS provides comfort, extra freedom of movement, keeps the body warmer and reduces body fatigue.
  • Front side with seamless inserts, for improved buoyancy with increased flexibility
  • Easy to put on and take off thanks to the SCS coating
  • Arm panel zones ensure optimal water displacement, allowing longer arm strokes and more fluid swimming
  • CWEZ (Concave Water Entrapment Zone), Specially designed forearm panels for more speed in the water
  • Transition panel, seam overlap technology
  • Lower leg support panel, for increased punching power
  • 520% inner lining (stretch lining), increased flexibility
  • Zip panel, improves gliding in the water, is flexible and allows the suit to be removed quickly
  • Rollable, reinforced side panel that improves body position in the water and delivers greater DPS (Distance Per Stroke)
  • 2 year guarantee

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

It is best to try out the wetsuit in our test swims:

Click here for the dates: NEOPREN TEST SWIMMING 2022

Manufacturer 2XU
Gender ladies
Color black silver
category top model
zipper rear

technically balanced buoyancy / very high flexibility

Chest 1-2mm, Belly 1mm, Legs 1-3mm, Arms 1-2mm

material SCS Nano Skin Neoprene, SCS #39 Neoprene & #45 Neoprene


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