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Determine training areas, train specifically!

Sports science background - that's why it's important:

Each training session should aim to expose the body to a so-called "effective stress stimulus" in order to improve the functional condition (= performance) of the athlete. If this effectiveness is lacking, you may invest valuable training time in units that only bring you little or no progress ("empty kilometers"). In order to give your training the highest possible efficiency, it is important to know your individual training areas in order to be able to target them. Each training area can be assigned specific adaptation processes of the body and, as a result, specific training methods, volumes and intensities.

With the help of performance diagnostics, your individual training areas can be precisely determined in order to derive the most effective training units from them. Spiroergometry is the gold standard in sports science and is equally suitable for every level of performance: individual results and reliable training control from beginners to professionals!

With our performance diagnostics using Aeroscan, you complete a performance level test on the treadmill. Among other things, your breathing gases, heart rate and a large number of other physiological parameters are measured and analyzed.

- VO2max, HRmax
- individual threshold ranges (watts/pace/heart rate)
- FATmax (maximum fat metabolism)
- respiratory parameters & energy expenditure
- absolute & relative carbohydrate/fat metabolism

From this, we then determine your exact training zones and discuss your further training control based on this data as part of the evaluation.

- Basic endurance / LIT (Low Intensity Training) / fat metabolism
- Advanced Basic Endurance (GA2)
- Competition/threshold area
- Development and peak area / interval and HIT (high intensity training)

The most efficient units for your further training can then be assigned to each training area. If you want, we can create the entire training plan for you.

Test procedure:

- Initial interview and anamnesis
- Explanation of the test procedure Carrying out the Aeroscan diagnostics on the treadmill
- Analysis of the data by the trainer
- Joint evaluation and discussion of the results
- Individual training recommendations

Duration: approx. 90 - 120min

Your individual appointment will be coordinated with you after your booking by the colleagues on site.

ATTENTION: Dates available again from October 2022

After booking you will receive detailed information about the preparation and the procedure for the Aeroscan diagnostics.

Raise your training to a higher level and unleash your potential.

Also interesting: the data from your diagnostics is not only relevant for training control, but also for predicting your competition performance. With performance diagnostics 1-2 weeks before the competition, we can determine your optimal competition pace, measure your energy consumption and derive a nutritional strategy tailored to this (very important for middle/long-distance athletes).


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