Aqualung, Aqua Sphere, 3mm Ergo High Grip Neoprene Socks, foot, socks, neoprene, black/blue

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    Protect your feet in all conditions with socks. Aqualung designed them to be worn comfortably with a wetsuit or drysuit: they provide an extra layer of warmth in cold water and prevent blisters when wearing open heel fins. Booties also protect your feet from scratches and injuries when wading in and out of the water on shore dives.

    • Optimal fit: Due to the right- and left-foot-specific designs, there are no gaps and unused areas. The Ergo socks ensure a comfortable fit and a good feeling of warmth.

    • The Grip silicone tread on the sole prevents slipping and helps you keep your balance while gearing up.

    • Warm: Glued and blind-stitched seams prevent water ingress. The high brim allows for overlapping with your wetsuit and 3mm thick neoprene provides effective insulation.

    • Durable: The elastic cuffs prevent the seams from fraying even after frequent use.
      Manufacturer AquaSphere
      Gender: Unisex
      Material: 3mm neoprene


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