Arena swimming goggles Cobra Tri Swipe Mirror, yellow copper-black, yellow/black

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Discover the innovative arena unisex triathlon swimming goggles Cobra Tri Swipe Mirror, which are perfect for triathletes and regular swimmers. Equipped with the revolutionary Swipe Anti-Fog technology that lasts ten times longer and can be easily reactivated. To do this, carefully wipe the inside of the lenses clean with your fingertip five times while the glasses are in the water. Simply repeat this procedure whenever the lenses start fogging up again. For a clear view for a long time. The 3D seal ensures optimal vision and does not allow water to flow over the lenses. The scope of delivery includes three interchangeable nose bridges, which allow the glasses to be individually adapted to different face shapes and nose sizes. The divided headband can be individually adjusted and ensures a stable and comfortable fit, even with long hair. The swimming goggles are equipped with UV protection and are PVC free. The most modern mirrored triathlon swimming goggles, with the revolutionary Swipe Anti-Fog coating.

  • Swipe Anti-Fog Technology: lasts 10 times longer and can be reactivated by rubbing the lens with your finger
  • Optimum field of vision, no water flows over the lenses, replaceable nose bridge, split headband, UV protection
  • Ideal for triathletes and regular swimmers
  • Lenses in this color are ideal for indoor pools and low-light environments

Material: 45% polycarbonate 30% silicone 15% thermoplastic elastomer 5% polyoxymethylene 5% polypropylene


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