Bladder Stoppers - 6 oval toe & edge stoppers

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Pack of 6 Oval Toe/Foot Edge Blister Stoppers.

For use in shoes, on insoles and insoles.

  • Reduces friction - avoids blistering
  • Easy to apply in the shoe
  • Ultra thin and self-adhesive
  • Sweat resistant and waterproof

2 pieces 3.8 x 5.1 cm / 4 pieces 4.4 x 7 cm
Thickness of a stopper: 0.37mm

To protect against small blisters on the toes and toe balls as well as on the edges of the feet.
The bubble stoppers can also be cut individually.


• on the edges of the insoles / insoles
• on the inside of the shoe at the transition to the insole / insert
• on the insole / insert in the toe and ball area
• and wherever blisters can form in the shoe


Please note: The self-adhesive blister stoppers are attached in the shoe and NOT ON THE SKIN!

► Only apply blister stoppers to clean and dry shoes or insoles.

► Only partially remove the protective film at first and place the blister stopper on the intended area of ​​the shoe or
apply to the sole of the shoe. Then remove the protective film completely and press the bubble stopper firmly and evenly.
► If possible, do not touch the adhesive surface when applying to ensure optimal adhesion of the bubble stopper.
► For the best result: After sticking, heat with a hair dryer for 20 - 30 seconds and press down evenly.
► Wear shoes immediately after applying the blister stoppers so that the blister stoppers can adapt to the shape of the foot.
► Use on the heel: When putting on the shoes, make sure that the edges of the stopper do not come off.
It is best to use a shoehorn.
► Replace the bubble stopper once the blue coating has worn off or it begins to peel off.

Warm with a hair dryer before removing.


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