Finish Line Cross Country chain oil, 120 ml

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Cross Country chain oil is especially recommended for extreme driving conditions.

Formulated with high-viscosity synthetic oils, water-repellent polymers and high-quality anti-wear additives, this product is Finish Line's strongest, most durable and most waterproof lubricant.

Cross Country chain oil retains its wet consistency after application and ensures maximum smooth running, quiet driving and ultimate corrosion protection under the toughest driving conditions.

When using this chain oil for off-road driving or in dry weather, be sure to carefully wipe excess lubricant off the chain and components to avoid attracting dust and sand.

Since its launch in 1994, Cross Country Chain Oil has been the lubricant of choice for many international pro teams on- and off-road. Use cross country chain oil, especially on heavy and long distances. It offers outstanding performance on 150+ km tours, muddy-wet terrain conditions, long rides in the rain and salty coastal climates.

A heavier, liquid lubricant that requires a little more care in drivetrain cleanliness, but provides the ultimate in lubricating and protective properties.


  • Scope of application: chain


  • Apply directly to clean chain
  • Remove excess oil with a rag


  • Capacity: 120ml squeeze bottle
  • For extreme driving and weather conditions
  • High-viscosity synthetic chain oil for high pressure resistance
  • Water-repellent polymers and anti-wear additives to reduce wear
  • High protection against corrosion
  • Highest performance for tours 150km+
  • Best performance in all weather conditions


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