Fizik Vento Argo R5 saddle

Broad: 140mm
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The VENTO ARGO R5 is a performance racing saddle with a short nose that improves stability and allows for a more aggressive aero riding position.

Vento Argo's short length allows the rider to sit further forward without putting undue pressure on sensitive tissues. The ergonomic recess was developed by medical experts through detailed pressure analysis. This means that the greatest possible pressure relief can be felt in all driving positions.

While on a conventional saddle the rider has to change position frequently to achieve the best possible leverage in different riding situations, the ARGO puts the rider in a more stable position, which provides more stability and better weight distribution.

Argo is a product of the Fizik Concepts program, an interdisciplinary collaboration of leading industry experts and academics that conducts research and analysis across technology, design, physiology and bike fitment in search of ways to improve bike performance.

  • R5: Combination of a carbon-reinforced nylon shell and an S-Alloy frame
  • Wingflex: The side edges of the shell flex and adapt to the rider's movement
  • Foam Type 1: low profile, reactive, no loss of power
  • Length: 265mm
  • Width: 140mm
  • Weight: 225g
  • Rail: 7x7mm


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