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Swimming goggles are possibly the most important utensil on race day. A utensil that so many of us take for granted, but without all our preparation and training is wasted. It's time to take glasses seriously.

Wouldn't it be great if most events started in the middle of the day, sun high, everyone warm and the light as good as possible. Unfortunately, the length of events and the time for the road closure means a 7am start is not uncommon. As we all know, 30 minutes after firing the gun, the light is very different, and even more so as the morning progresses.

"Aphotic" by HUUB, is the first goggle that dims or brightens during the race thanks to photochromic technology, without you noticing. A self-adjusting lens that provides the comfort and vision needed to Your to maximize visibility and yours to support swimming.

"Polarized" cuts light reflected through water, increases visibility and visibility in open water. Reduces glare, especially for early morning swim starts and swimming in low sun.






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