Huub Pinnacle 3:5 men, black/blue/silver 2023

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The HUUB Pinnacle 3:5 wetsuit has been developed to offer you the latest materials and technical innovations. This triathlon wetsuit is packed with new features, some of which are exclusive to HUUB and not used by any other manufacturer.

The Pinnacle 3:5 wetsuit features an exclusive 3:5 buoyancy profile. +43™ buoyancy foam provides more buoyancy than regular neoprene. +43™ Foam offers 43% more buoyancy than standard neoprene material - a new generation of material exclusive to HUUB.

The new Rotational Freedom™ design is used in the upper body and shoulder area, i.e. extremely elastic neoprene material that offers almost unrestricted freedom of movement.

The wetsuit fits like a second skin starting from the buoyancy and body alignment system - Constrictor system (patent pending)
HUUB Quick-Opening Zipper All you need is a firm pull of the zipper up, and the back of the suit will open quickly, so you can immediately improve the changing time without slow opening.

  • The 3:5mm thickness ratio between the upper and lower body provides more buoyancy and keeps your hips and legs higher in the water.
  • Huub's exclusive +43™ buoyancy foam delivers 43% more buoyancy than regular neoprene
  • Rotational Freedom upper body design
  • Arms Neutral™ exclusive Huub technology
  • Constrictor system for buoyancy and body alignment (patent pending)
  • Exclusive incredible stretch neoprene
  • Special lift ratio 3:5 (VB 2:8*)
  • MAD system tested (active resistance measurement)
* Virtual buoyancy based on similar thicknesses versus buoyancy data.
MAD system
Developed in partnership with Innovate-UK, the Measurement of Active Drag (MAD) is the ultimate measurement - the holy grail of data for swimmers. How much drag can I manage myself and in different wetsuits, swimwear etc.? There are other methods, but none are as accurate and precise as the MAD system.
Professor Huub Toussaint invented the first MAD system 15 years ago, but his insights and research led him to take it to the next level, using 17 force plates instead of one. With the vision of HUUB and its shareholders, the decision was made to pursue the dream and develop our own MAD system. No other sports brand has one and this is what we couldn't get over, how can you make a claim without thorough testing? The world's most advanced MAD system resides in our test bench partnership with the BEST indoor pool.
HD labs
HD Labs are the in-house development team tasked with a simple "Ask Anything" short film. It took us over four years to find a manufacturing facility with the same vision and foresight to satisfy an unrelenting need to always find better and faster. HD Labs is a unique HUUB factory collaboration where we can ask the questions and offer the solutions. The team at HD Labs weren't asked often, but we relentlessly took on the challenge until we had material that we knew would deliver the breakthrough standards our users were demanding of HUUB.
Manufacturing competence, material competence, modern construction methods in combination with young, dynamic and questioning minds make us excited to see what comes next from the HD Labs. +43™ foam is just the beginning; we have much more ahead of us.
Buoyancy is key and getting the right buoyancy in the right amount and position has been the focus of hundreds of test runs on the MAD System, this is where the Graduated Buoyancy System and +43™ foam come in.
We never ignore the input of our athletes and consult with some of the best in the world. The Archimedes 3 has been extensively tested by Richard Varga (aka the Fish), who has dominated WTS swimming for a number of years, and also by Jack Burnell - a pure Open Water Olympic swimmer.
We recognize that their opinions are not just there to make a great product, but that these views are invaluable when an athlete needs to know all their time and commitment to training will only reinforce, not hinder - "research "Science, Reality".
Material composition: 80% neoprene/ 20% polyamide

    Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

    It's best to try out the wetsuit right away in our test swims!

    Manufacturer hub
    Gender Men's
    Color black/blue/silver
    category middle class
    zipper rear
    Characteristics very good shoulder flexibility, high buoyancy
    material 80% neoprene/ 20 polyamide


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