KASK VALEGRO WG11, bicycle helmet, black matt

Size: L (59-62cm)
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Maximum cooling, minimum weight - VALEGRO WG11

Developed in collaboration with Team INEOS, the Valegro offers the best ventilation when riding uphill or in hot temperatures.

technical description

The profile of the VALEGRO's polycarbonate shell has been wind tunnel tested and refined by KASK engineers to achieve the best results in terms of thermal cooling performance. The VALEGRO offers advanced ventilation and an impressive weight of just 180g (size S). This new design offers maximum cooling through 37 vents with new breathable and quick-drying padding. The 5 mm thick layer of fast-wicking, thermoformed, three-dimensional padding is anti-static, bacteriostatic, thermo-regulating and moisture-transferring using Resistex Carbon. In addition to this innovative technology, the chin pad with eco-leather straps contributes to the helmet being comfortable to wear all day long

Weight 180g (size S)
Product Code CHE00052.201
norms CE EN 1078
CPSC 1203
AS/NZS 2063

S 50-56cm
M 52 - 58 cm
L 59-62cm

Color black


The design and construction of the shell provides increased airflow and reduces exchangeable heat.
The fiber of the inner padding accelerates the evaporation process of perspiration, slows down the formation of moisture on the skin and keeps the temperature constant.
The fiber of the inner padding does not irritate the skin and protects it from bacteria and pollutants. This eliminates the risk of annoying allergies.
Due to its conductivity, the fiber of the inner padding absorbs and dissipates electrical charges that accumulate from the environment or during physical exertion.
The rubberized micro-adjustment knob provides increased grip. Floating touch points are lined with internal gel pads that provide maximum comfort. These support elements can swing freely 180°, which ensures a perfect fit of the helmet. Specially designed to ensure a perfect fit, the swing point's scaffold-like temples are lightweight.

Chin pad with synthetic leather chin strap. The hypoallergenic and washable chin strap is extremely comfortable and helps prevent skin irritation.

The MIT technology protects the head even better with polystyrene all around and a coating of the shell with polycarbonate on the top, base ring and back of the helmet.


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