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Optimal sitting position & train better

This combination offer is a combination of our popular bike fitting and the Aeroscan performance diagnostics bike. Both elements can be carried out in one appointment or, if desired, divided into two appointments. The appointment(s) will be individually coordinated with you after your booking by the colleagues on site.

Venue: Shop & Training Institute Berlin, Elberfelder Str. 9, 10555 Berlin

Bike fitting

It doesn't matter whether it's a time trial machine, racing bike or crosser: the correct seating position is the decisive basis for optimal performance development on the bike.

We help you to develop your potential on the bike. Both biomechanical parameters (power transmission, stability, aerodynamics) and anatomical-functional factors (load structure, pain prevention, saddle advice) are taken into account. The goal is your individually optimal seating position - tailored to your goals and needs.

Bike fitting is about allowing “man and machine” to grow together and to coordinate them optimally. The added value is expressed directly in propulsive performance, speed or driving comfort.

Process of bike fitting:

- Anamnesis interview
- Dynamic bike fitting on a high-performance direct trainer with power measurement
- Setting the optimal sitting position using a camera, goniometer (protractor), line laser and pendulum plummet
- Optimization of power transmission, stability, pedaling effectiveness - Consideration of individual anatomical and functional requirements
- Adjusting the cleats
- Pain prevention and saddle advice
- Evaluation form of the bicycle adjustment

Duration: approx. 60-90 minutes

Aeroscan performance diagnostics wheel:

With the help of performance diagnostics, your individual training areas can be precisely determined in order to derive the most effective training units from them. Spiroergometry is the gold standard in sports science and is equally suitable for every level of performance: individual results and reliable training control from beginners to professionals!

With this performance diagnostic using Aeroscan, you complete a performance level test on your own bike. Among other things, your breathing gases, heart rate and a large number of other physiological parameters are measured and analyzed.

- VO2max, HRmax
- individual threshold zones (pace/heart rate)
- FATmax (maximum fat metabolism)
- respiratory parameters & energy expenditure
- absolute & relative carbohydrate/fat metabolism

From this, we then determine your exact training zones and discuss your further training control based on this data as part of the evaluation.

- Basic endurance / LIT (Low Intensity Training) / fat metabolism
- Advanced Basic Endurance (GA2)
- Competition/threshold area
- Development and peak area / interval and HIT (high intensity training)

The most efficient units for your further training can then be assigned to each training area. If you want, we can create the entire training plan for you.

Test procedure:

- Anamnesis and explanation of the test procedure
- Carrying out the Aeroscan diagnostics on your own training or competition bike
- Analysis of the data by the trainer
- Joint evaluation and discussion of the results
- Individual training recommendations

Duration: approx. 90 - 120min

After booking you will receive detailed information about the preparation and the procedure for the Aeroscan diagnostics.

What our athletes say:

" Perfect bike fitting including great advice and training tips! I can only recommend! "

" Very friendly...super competent...thanks to the whole team, I had fun and I felt good....!!!! "

The result is great! Extremely personable and carried out with a lot of time and competence and at a very fair price!“


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