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For us, running is the easiest and most natural form of locomotion - anyone can run. But only very few run really efficiently and train well. Both, running technique and training quality , make the difference between sustainable, healthy performance progress and a constant level of sport. As part of our running analysis, we therefore look at the athlete as a whole: the biomechanical running technique analysis recognizes the need for action and potential for improvement in the course of the overall movement. The training analysis then specifically deals with your training methods in order to improve the quality of your training.

Running technique: this is about the analysis of biomechanical parameters of your running style, such as foot contact, joint load, angle and leverage ratios, running posture, arm swing or rotational movements. The evaluation is based on a video analysis on the treadmill. The aim is on the one hand to prevent running-specific injuries and to recommend running shoes. On the other hand, it is about deriving very specific measures for improved movement efficiency as part of your running technique. This includes concrete instructions on exercises for running ABC & coordination, trunk stability and specific stretching.

We then take a close look at your daily running training : how structured and goal-oriented are your training sessions? How well are the scope and intensity aligned with your goals? Here we show you potential for improvement for your training in coordination with the findings and exercises from the running technique analysis. You will receive targeted training suggestions.

Conclusion: The holistic running analysis helps you to improve your movement economy and your training in the long term and is therefore equally valuable for hobby and professional runners.


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