Orca Apex Float, wetsuit, men, red buoyancy, black/red, 2022

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The Apex Float is the most buoyant wetsuit in the Orca range. This wetsuit contains specific technologies for maximum buoyancy and technique correction. It helps those swimmers who need assistance maintaining proper water position in open water. In addition, highly elastic materials are incorporated in the upper body, which promote an unimpeded arm movement.

  • 40+: Yamamoto 40, used in Orca's top wetsuits, combined with the Infinity Skin 2 lining, gives swimmers a feeling of total freedom. The lining also contains bamboo fibers that provide extra flexibility, help prevent odor build-up and keep bacteria at bay. The Nano Ice SCS surface treatment increases hydrodynamics, reduces friction in the water and means more speed with every stroke. The combination of these three technologies gives the athlete maximum flexibility in the shoulder area. Compared to conventional neoprene, 72% less force is required to stretch the material.

  • 40 FS: For maximum freedom, stretch and flexibility, we use Yamamoto 40 in combination with an Infinity Skin 2 lining and a Smoothskin surface finish for the Orca top models. As a result, open water swimmers enjoy maximum freedom of movement in the shoulder area and require 72% less strength than any other wetsuit. The bamboo fibers of the inner lining ensure flexibility with every puff, reduce odors and prevent the growth of bacteria.

  • 40 PF: On Orca's top models, the Power-fit lining with its compression properties combined with Yamamoto 40 ensures a perfect fit in the torso area and prevents water from flowing into the suit. In addition, the Nano Ice SCS surface treatment provides improved hydrodynamics as it reduces friction in the water, allowing open water swimmers to feel the speed with every stroke.

  • Exo-Lift is a kind of sandwich design that combines a neoprene layer, Aerodome technology and a third layer of inner neoprene with a special treatment, making the Predator even more resistant, achieving maximum buoyancy and 0% water absorption. A little help in maintaining a hydrodynamic position at all times, even when you're tired.

    Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

    Manufacturer orca
    Gender Men's
    Color black red
    category mid-range model
    zipper rear
    • Yamamoto 44 technology
    • Yamamoto 40 in combination with an Infinity Skin 2 lining, complemented by a Smoothskin surface finish.
    • Power-fit lining in combination with Yamamoto 40
    • exo lift
    • medium buoyancy / very high flexibility
    material Material: 95% NEOPRENE, 5% polyamide (nylon)


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