Sailfish Aerosuit Pro, men, black/blue

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Sailfish Aerosuit Pro

The high-end aerosuit at pro level

Long competitions demand everything from you. Athletes and material are put under maximum strain. That's why a trisuit has to perform at its best for middle and long distances.

With the sailfish Aerosuit Pro you will find a suit that meets the highest demands. In terms of resilience and performance, it clearly sets new standards. Create real support for every discipline and every phase of the competition with a high level of comfort and technically perfect solutions. Engineering made in Germany meets pure passion for triathlon in the Aerosuit Pro.


Technically mature, continuously improved features make the Aerosuit Pro a real pro among long-distance racesuits.

  • High-tech textiles for maximum benefit
    We designed and implemented the materials of the Aerosuit Pro specifically for the requirements of long-distance triathlons. Different textile combinations create individual properties on the bottom and top, which individually generate support and freedom of movement. The torso experiences perfect regulation of moisture and temperature thanks to extra-thin textiles with extreme breathability. The thighs are compressed, stimulated and maintained in their performance by our honeycomb 3D Aero Pro material.

  • Compression and aerodynamics Compression clothing supports blood circulation within your body, prevents fatigue and maintains the performance of your muscles. The legs in particular are particularly challenged over the long distances during the cycling and running disciplines. The focus is clearly on the thighs, the largest muscles in the human body. Thanks to the specially developed honeycomb material, the Aerosuit Pro offers targeted compression and supports you from the first step on the pedals to the last step across the finish line. Both the close-fitting cut and the special surface finish of the textiles used in the Aerosuit Pro promote beneficial aerodynamics. The wind is optimally directed around your body. Disturbing turbulence is noticeably reduced. This saves energy and gives you more speed over the race distance.

  • Details that convince
    A racing suit for long competitions should not be without pockets. Attached to your back without any problems, you always have the necessary food at hand. A particularly long front zip allows you to continuously regulate your body heat and makes it even easier to put on and take off. Lined with fabric, you hardly notice the backstop-secured closure and are reliably protected against skin irritation and painful chafing.

  • The seat pad – a guarantee of success for hours
    As a small detail of your TRisuit, the seat pad plays an important role, especially over long distances. It must ensure comfortable and fatigue-free sitting on the bike. However, it must not impair your running technique during the following marathon run. We achieve exactly these goals in the Aerosuit Pro with our shaping Pro Tripad. As thick as necessary and as thin as possible, it uses high-performance materials to perfectly protect this neuralgic point of your body. Because if you tire more slowly, you stay fast for longer. And you can only be successful in competition if you are fast.
Manufacturer sailfish
Gender Men's
Color black/blue
Sports triathlon
Characteristics - Shaping Pro Tripad
- Front zip closure
material 60% Polyamide, 40% Elastane


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