Sailfish Atlantic 2, wetsuit, women, black/orange, 2023

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Thin transitional neo for swimmers

Regardless of whether you are out in the open water regularly or "only" occasionally - a reliable and comfortable wetsuit accompanies you on every occasion and on every occasion.

A robust and reliable wetsuit is particularly important for all less performance-oriented activities related to open water. Because it gives you the good feeling of always being safe on the road. This also applies when the water temperatures rise and you still don't want to do without a reliable companion. With the sailfish Atlantic you get exactly this partner for every occasion at your side.


Reliability doesn't have to be boring. Let yourself be surprised by the new features of the Atlantic.

  • Fits like a second skin
    Why shouldn't the cut of an all-round suit be just as optimized as a high-performance triathlon suit? This is exactly why our Second Skin Fit is also used in the Atlantic. Admittedly, that means more seams and more effort for us. For you, on the other hand, the improved fit provides even better support for your movements and thus less effort, more endurance and even more comfort.

  • Pure durability
    We achieve the high resilience of the Atlantic by using the sailfish Speedflex neoprene. Hard-wearing and elastic at the same time, it leads to success in our efforts for maximum mobility as well as for low sensitivity in regular use. As real long-life neoprene, it is textile-laminated on both sides and is therefore particularly resilient.

  • Protection and mobility through optimized neoprene thicknesses
    A good wetsuit doesn't have to be thick. The Atlantic proves this anew on every trip to the open water. A continuous neoprene thickness of 1.5 millimeters gives you the desired protective effect without creating an unfavorable insulation effect for higher water temperatures. In this way you always keep a cool head in the truest sense of the word and can fully enjoy the open water. The material on the lower leg has been thinned by up to 0.5 millimeters so that it is easy to put on and take off.

  • Comfortable means gladly worn
    Especially those who don't wear wetsuits all the time feel immediately attracted to our Super Comfort Innerliner. Because it ensures a positive feeling on the skin and makes it much easier for you to put on and take off. In combination with the Flex Collar, our low-cut, single-layer collar, and the Low Resistance Armpit for even more arm freedom, you will find a flexible and simply comfortable suit for every occasion in the Atlantic. Thanks to flat seams, even long periods of wear always have a positive effect.

  • Orange – stylish and safe
    If the look of the Atlantic appeals to you, we've done everything right. At the same time, however, the striking orange fulfills a much more important purpose. The luminous sections on the back and thighs make you particularly visible in murky water, in swells or in poor visibility. This gives you a good feeling and real security in equal measure.

  • Small loop, big effect
    Who does not know that? You just want to quickly close your suit and finally go into the open water. However, handling a back zip is not that easy. This is where our Easy Loop comes into play. With it, you can easily set up a counter-pull and close the wetsuit in no time at all. In addition, the sailfish outdoor swimming buoy finds a perfect hold here, without bothering you with annoying hip belts.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

Manufacturer sailfish
Gender ladies
Color black/orange
zipper rear
Characteristics The neo hybrid for all swimmers


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