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The new all-rounder - for training and competitions over all distances

Have you already got a taste of triathlon and want to improve? You know the exciting hustle and bustle of the sprint distance, but would also like to master longer distances? Then you feel the same as many other athletes in the global triathlon community.

With the sailfish Attack 7 you have the opportunity to combine versatility with performance. Keep all your options open without sacrificing the well thought-out features of a sailfish wetsuit. This all-rounder offers the best conditions for all distances. It also brings safety into the open water without setting limits to your own development opportunities. Rediscover triathlon and open water swimming with the Attack 7 by your side.


Our constant further development and optimization will lead to a new generation of wetsuits in 2022 with the Attack 7, which as an all-rounder leaves all possibilities open. New features improve comfort and performance and will certainly make you and your friends faster.

  • Good buoyancy for safety and speed
    A good buoyancy makes the Attack 7 not only safe but also fast. It supports your position in the water and your technique. Concentrate fully on yourself and the water and uncompromisingly convert your power into propulsion.

  • Coordinated material thicknesses for balanced properties
    A neoprene thickness of 4.5 millimeters on the chest supports the torso and ensures a good position in the water. A material thickness of 3.0 to 4.0 millimeters on the thigh and 2.0 to 4.0 millimeters on the lower leg supports a flat silhouette without significantly restricting your freedom of movement. 1.5 millimeter neoprene on the shoulders and arms warms and protects, but offers you complete freedom of arm movement and swimming technique.

  • Resistant and versatile
    Our Speedflex neoprene gives you balanced buoyancy for a safe swimming experience. In the crush of the dense starting field, on the other hand, the high level of durability proves to be a real strength again and again. Thanks to the applied hydro coating, you glide perfectly through the water and your urge for even more speed is almost inspired.

  • Stable, safe and still flexible
    In the Attack 7 we combine features for a stable position in the water with the greatest possible freedom of movement. From the beginner to the ambitious age grouper, you will find all the prerequisites for delivering the best performance with and against others in the open water.
    The Zero Resistance Panel gives you maximum mobility for energy-saving and at the same time performance-oriented swimming. Our Stability Torso, on the other hand, offers a stable base from which you can perfectly implement your technique. Stability and flexibility - in the Attack 7, the supposed opposites are combined into a coherent overall concept.

  • Comfort for safety in the water
    You swim fast if you like to swim. And you do that exactly when you feel comfortable in our Attack 7.
    The Comfort Innerliner offers excellent wearing comfort by snuggling up flexibly and comfortably to your body.
    Thanks to the Quick Release, it can be taken off particularly quickly and easily, making the transition zone child's play.
    Our Flex Collar, on the other hand, ensures optimal insulation in the water by minimizing the exchange of water in the suit.
    Low-cut and single-layered, it allows your head to rotate freely, so you can breathe easy in the rush of competition. In the truest sense of the word, you never run out of breath.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

It is best to try out the wetsuit in our test swims:

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Manufacturer sailfish
Gender ladies
Color black red
category All-rounder / middle class
zipper rear
Characteristics 1.5mm/4.5mm/ 3 -4mm/2-4mm (shoulder+arms/ chest / thigh/lower leg )
material SCS #39 neoprene


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