Sailfish G-Range 8 Wetsuit Wetsuit Men's 2023

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Your style, your pace, your competition – pure open water

The starting signal is getting closer. You stand by the water and focus on the first discipline. You review your technique and tactics for open water swimming. And you know that with the sailfish G-Range 8 you have a partner at your side who is designed for your goals and inspires you in your urge for ever new personal best times.

The G-Range 8 is the purist among our wetsuits: low buoyancy, outstanding flexibility. Uncompromisingly geared towards performance, it has been continuously optimized and is now one of our TOP products. Rely on the material of the professionals and become a second hunter in the swimming discipline yourself.


Make the features of the G-Range 8 your own and use our premium technologies for even faster swim times.

  • Freedom instead of maximum lift
    The sailfish Speedflex neoprene combines resilience and comfort with good buoyancy properties. However, the G-Range 8 does not maximize the buoyancy, so that you determine your position in the water yourself. This gives you absolute freedom in terms of individual swimming technique and speed.

  • The material thicknesses – coordinated and balanced
    The maximum neoprene thickness of the G-Range 8 is 3.0 millimeters and is used on the chest and thighs. This supports these neuralgic areas in terms of buoyancy without taking away the freedom to make decisions about your posture. 2.5 to 3.0 millimeters of material thickness on the lower leg stand for an optimal combination of buoyancy and freedom of movement. You will feel this in the transition zone at the latest. Arms and shoulders are given almost unlimited freedom with just 1.5 millimeters of neoprene, so that the efficiency and performance of our wetsuit is in no way inferior to your own performance.

  • Pure water feeling thanks to even more freedom of movement
    Our Phantom Skin neoprene stands for the greatest possible flexibility with a very low weight. Combined with the ultra stretch inner liner, the G-Range 8 gives you a miracle of freedom of movement and thus a pure feeling for water.
    The Zero Resistance Panel takes our quest for unrestrained mobility to a new level. Even fewer seams and the integrated arm panel make the suit a real purist. Not from a technical point of view - but with what you feel and experience in the open water.

  • Easy rotation for more efficient propulsion
    In 2022 we are introducing a real innovation for our wetsuits with the Hip Rotation Panel. Move your hips even more freely and convert the longitudinal rotation of your body into effective, energy-saving and powerful propulsion.

  • Minimum water resistance for maximum speed
    Nano Stealth Coating makes our Phantom Skin neoprene even faster. The surface coating again significantly reduces the water resistance and ensures that your power is actually converted into propulsion. That's how speed works.

  • Comfort – faster, lighter, more comfortable
    A comfortable fit and easier putting on and taking off your G-Range 8 is not only fun, but also leads to faster competition times. Our Super Comfort Innerliner has the best wet slip properties and is comfortable and unobtrusive to wear from start to finish. Especially on the legs, undressing in the transition area is often annoying. Quick Release supports you and allows the suit to slide off your legs quickly and easily.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

It is best to try out the wetsuit in our test swims:

Click here for the dates: NEOPREN TEST SWIMMING 2023

Manufacturer sailfish
Gender Men's
Color black yellow
distance All distances
category top model
zipper rear
  • moderate buoyancy - high flexibility
  • 3mm torso and legs
  • 1.5mm shoulders + arms


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