Sailfish Pacific 2, neoprene shorty, women, black/anthracite, 2023

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The all-round shorty

Open water stands for freedom. That doesn't mean you have to go without the support of a capable, dependable wetsuit when you're out in the open water. Anyone who quickly feels restricted by long arms and legs and can also do without the comprehensive insulating effect of full-body suits will find the ideal suit for any activity in a shorty.

The sailfish Pacific is our answer to the challenges of a short wetsuit with maximum freedom and outstanding technical properties. With the Pacific, you can tackle morning laps in the lake, long workouts in the outdoor pool, or active summer vacations in the sea. Well balanced, our shorty supports you from A to Z.


Less suit does not mean less new, advantageous features. The Pacific also convinces with numerous features that you already know from our other wetsuits.

  • Versatile material for a versatile suit
    Thanks to the Speedflex neoprene used, the Pacific combines particularly high resilience with enormous freedom of movement. So it offers you all the freedom you want, both in the true sense of the word and in terms of its possible uses. We equip our neoprene with a textile coating on both sides, making it a real long-life neoprene. This increases both the lifespan of the wetsuit and your comfort.

  • Coordinated neoprene thicknesses for optimal properties
    1.5 millimeters of neoprene on the chest give you moderate buoyancy without taking the decision about your position in the water out of your hands. We combine material thicknesses of 0.5 to 1.5 millimeters on the thighs for a balanced weighting of buoyancy and freedom of movement. With the Pacific you get exactly what you expect from a shorty.

  • Comfort for more fun in the wetsuit
    An absolute must in each of our wetsuits is a comfortable fit. The Super Comfort Innerliner covers the inside of the neoprene with a coating of special nylon fabric. Improved wet slip properties for easy entry and a generally all-round pleasant feeling on the skin are your advantages from this innovative feature.

  • design and visibility
    You are always in the foreground - not your wetsuit! That's why we designed the Pacific to be subtle and understated. Bright orange is limited to the sailfish logos and a few distinctive details. Nevertheless, it is precisely these eye-catchers that ensure that you are clearly seen at all times and that you can keep a good eye on your fellow swimmers.

  • The loop with a twist
    Whether body suit or shorty - the back closure is always a challenge. That's why the Pacific uses our Easy Loop to make it particularly easy for you to put it on. Pull the whole suit down slightly on the loop and thus get the perfect counter pull for the zipper of your wetsuit. And the Easy Loop also offers real advantages in the water: attach your swimming buoy to the loop and free yourself from annoying waist straps.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

Manufacturer sailfish
Gender ladies
Color black/anthracite
zipper rear
Characteristics The all-round neoprene shorty. Universally applicable, especially when training in cool outdoor pools and open water.


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