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The Swim & Safety Buoy, Ultimate is our new "flagship" among swim and safety buoys. It combines the well-known basic functions that our "Classic" buoys already bring:

  • visibility
  • Security
  • Possibility to transport valuables

with three new hammer features:

  • detachable backpack carrying system
  • Mobile phone window with touch function
  • LED strips for better visibility in dark or diffuse conditions

carrying system

The buoy is filled with the swimming equipment and can be carried like a backpack with the detachable straps. At the lake, the straps are simply unclipped and stowed in the buoy. The swimmer can carry all personal belongings and on land the buoy also acts as a backpack for the way to the water. Super handy.

Mobile window:

In the new buoy, the mobile phone is permanently visible and operable. To do this, the smartphone is placed in the viewing window and fixed by subsequent inflation. The mobile phone is thus stored waterproof, can be read and operated with wet fingers. Among other things, this function enables tracking via apps while swimming.

to shine

The LED strips (two levels: flashing and permanent) on both sides of the buoy ensure even greater safety in open water in dark or diffuse visibility conditions.

Colors orange
air chambers 1 air chamber
capacity 28 liters
designed for size
50cm x 35cm

Backpack carrying system
LED light strips
Mobile phone compartment with touch function

material Nylon with PVC lining

How to prepare your Swim & Safety Buoy for swimming:

  • Open the air chamber valve and let all the air escape.
  • Slide the cell phone into the cell phone compartment.
  • Unclip the carrying system and stow it in the bag. Fill the bag with the other equipment.
  • Roll up the upper edge 2-3x and clip the buckle at the upper edge.
  • Inflate the air chamber using the valve
  • Put the hip belt around your waist and just start swimming. The buoy is simply pulled along.


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