Zoggs Raptor HCB Titanium, blue mirrored lenses, blue/grey/mirror dark blue, blue/grey

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The all new Raptor mirrored lens goggles are ideal for direct sunlight/bright conditions and reduce glare and reflections from the sun, perfect for outdoor swimming.

The seals are based on patented HCB (Honeycomb) technology with a hexagonal structure that strengthens the seal against pressure while maintaining elasticity and softness for a lightweight, secure fit.

This ensures a comfortable and stable fit during dives, turns and strokes.

While the functionality of these goggles is great, the styling certainly stands out as well. Its cool looking design is an eye catcher!

Zoggs dual band headbands also feature an easy adjustment system, made from premium silicone for comfort and durability.

Zoggs swimming goggles provide UV protection and anti-fog for safer, clearer swimming and durability

Included components: 1 x glasses, 3 nose bridges

  • Mirrored lenses offer additional protection from the sun
  • Patented HCB (Honeycomb) soft seal
  • Fogbuster anti-fog lenses for added moisture control and clear vision
  • Maximum UV protection blocks 99-100% of the sun's harmful UV rays
  • FINA approved
  • Double strap
  • Included components: 1 x glasses, 3 nose bridges






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