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The most revolutionary wetsuit just got faster! The brand new Wikiwiki 2.0 wetsuit, Hawaiian for "super fast", offers the most innovative performance features on the market. Designed to promote greater arm comfort, this suit is the fastest of its kind. The entire arm and shoulder area is lined with FLEXskin 0.3mm Yamamoto MarkIII Super stretch neoprene This gives it the feel of a sleeveless wetsuit, but with SCS nanotechnology coated arms for an added hydrodynamic speed advantage The all-NEW WATER SAIL arm panel increases surface area on your forearms and helps expand your forearm into a vertical position as quickly as possible.Strategically placed Aerodome panels on the front of the suit provide exceptional balance and allow for maximum rotation.Enjoy ultimate flexibility and unparalleled buoyancy in the new "super fast" Wikiwiki wetsuit.


  • NEW FLEXskin 0.3mm Yamamoto MarkIII on arms and shoulders
  • NEW WATER SAIL arm element
  • NEW comfort back neck panel
  • Yamamoto SCS Nano #40 and #39
  • Yamamoto SCS Nano Aerodomes
  • AQUAlift buoyancy profile
  • ULTRA stretch liner with 12% elastane and 88% silky soft nylon liner runs and flat neck design with SCS Nano coating
  • 2mm entry and exit aid at the leg end
  • OKD - Optimal kick design
  • DORSALflex zipper
  • Hardness and heat-resistant moontape and selective reinforcements on the seams
  • Stainless steel YKK zipper
  • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped elements
  • Includes protective storage bag


Zoot uses only the very best neoprene made by Yamamoto in Japan and the best rubber material available. Yamamoto's neoprene is made from a limestone base and has a different cell structure than the commonly used petroleum-based neoprene. It is more flexible, durable and better for the environment than traditional neoprene. Additionally, the Yamamoto neoprene absorbs very little water, making Zoot wetsuits lighter and warmer.

WATER SAIL arm element
The new WASSER-SEGEL arm element increases the surface area on your forearms and reduces water turbulence during the pulling phase. Using the same principles from wind tunnel testing, the WASSER-SAIL arm element reduces the water vortices around the forearm created during the pull phase. This reduces water resistance and allows you to bring your forearms into a vertical position as quickly as possible.

All Zoot wetsuits feature our proprietary AQUAlift buoyancy profile. With the AQUAlift construction, the mid/lower front of the suit has strategically placed panels to create the most buoyancy with only 5mm thick neoprene. This will lift your torso and legs out of the water to put you in a perfect horizontal swimming position.

The Yamamoto Aerodome is engineered to use air bubbles between the layers of fabric to make the wetsuit lighter and more buoyant, generating up to 30% more buoyancy than traditional wetsuits.

SCS (Super Composite Skin) is a hydrodynamic coating that improves swimming speed by reducing water resistance, allowing the suit to glide through the water more efficiently. Think of it as a high-tech Teflon coating that repels water and protects your wetsuit by reducing the possibility of rips and tears.

Ribbed neoprene panels increase the stretch of the wetsuit for maximum lung and muscle expansion.

Zoot wetsuits are designed so that the shoulder and arms are as flexible as possible. Our relentless focus on ensuring maximum flexibility means you can increase your distance per move and have more mobility with less fatigue at every stage of your move.

Zoot suits are made with high quality textile linings optimized for maximum stretch, comfort and low absorption. We only use high quality, silky smooth nylon fabrics so our wetsuits are super easy to take off in the transition zone.

2mm neoprene around the back zip provides better stretch and therefore improved lung expansion. Zoot's DORSALflex zipper construction allows the material around the zipper to stretch with the body, eliminating the traditional restrictive feel of zipper pulls.

The heat-resistant moontape is attached approx. 7.5cm at the arm and leg ends to ensure maximum durability and offers the possibility to adjust the leg length cleanly. Spot reinforcements are placed throughout the suit to ensure long-lasting comfort and durability.

OKD is Zoot's proprietary leg construction that adjusts to the angle of your knee in the water, working with the anatomy rather than against it. OKD provides increased arm frequency and efficiency.

Zoot wetsuits feature a raised back flap made from butter-soft neoprene to protect the neck from chafing.

A strategically placed 2mm super stretch panel at the bottom of the leg speeds up the transition into T1. The leg ends are additionally coated so that you can shorten the leg length cleanly if necessary.

INSIDE MATERIAL COMPOSITION - 88% nylon and 12% elastane


Arm / shoulder area: 0.3mm
chest area: 5mm aerodomes
Hip / thigh area: 5mm/4mm
Lower leg area: 4mm/3mm


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