Neoprenanzug richtig anziehen

The right fit and the best possible freedom of movement in a wetsuit depend heavily on how well and conscientiously the neoprene is pulled and "worked" on all parts of the body. Yes - putting on a wetsuit can certainly be described as work due to its snug, slightly compressive fit. Too hasty, unclean slipping on the rubber skin leads to the perception of a "straitjacket" rather than a "second skin". With the right tricks and a little patience, however, the Neo can be adjusted well and correctly.

In our instructions we show you how to put on a neos step by step.

Put on the wetsuit properly

As described, the fit of a neos is deliberately body-hugging and slightly compressive. This means that the suit has to be pulled on all parts of the body with great care. If you don't do that, you'll feel uncomfortable even if you're the right size or you won't even be able to close the zip properly. It is therefore important : schedule a few minutes, work neatly from bottom to top and do not pull with force!

We recommend turning the wetsuit inside out at the beginning to avoid tearing the outer layer of material, especially with fingernails. Here we go...

  • spread the neoprene inside out in front of you so that the zipper is on the underside
  • first alternately step into the leg sections, pushing the foot completely through in each case
  • roll the neo up the legs to the hips
  • pull the material from below carefully and piece by piece (pull small creases successively upwards)
  • IMPORTANT: pull the leg sections up so far that it sits flush with the crotch - if it hangs too far down, it must be tightened!
  • the leg ends are usually well above the ankles and do not play a decisive role in terms of fit and buoyancy
  • carefully pull the hip area upwards (caution: do not grip the material too tightly with your fingernails)
  • get into the arm parts alternately, push your hand through here as well
  • now pull the sleeves up carefully and piece by piece (pull small creases up one by one)
  • IMPORTANT: pull the sleeves up so that the neo fits under the armpits and is not under tension with your arms outstretched
  • the fit of the cuffs over the wrists is also of secondary importance here, since mobility in the shoulders is the decisive criterion for the sleeves
  • now use the line to pull the zipper up over your shoulder
  • keep the zipper taut so that no material folds get caught when closing and prevent it from being pulled upwards (if necessary, have a second person help you with this)
  • close the Velcro strap and check the fit of the neos again, if necessary, tighten again where you notice tension in the material
  • That's it - get in the water!

Find the right wetsuit

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